Lock a folder| Create Folder Lock Software

Lock a folder

In this article, we are creating a code of Folder Lock Software for the privacy of computer data.

Step-1.Firstly create any folder with any name then open Notepad w+R Copy this code and paste inside the notepad then save any name with Extension .bat

Step-2. After saving the code copy any file and paste it inside the Locker folder.


Step-3. Double click of program file see a command window then command window show a question like Are you sure u want to lock the folder<Y/N>. Write a Y means yes then your folder is Locked.

Step-4. If you want to open Unlock folder just type the command Window software query. Software very is your password.

Step-5. If you want to change this password go to file and search ctrl+f this line if NOT %pass%==softwarequery goto FAIL! then change the password according to up to you.


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