Create SOAP webservice in PHP

Create SOAP webservice in PHP

Php programming language how to create SOAP web services and what is Importance of web services.

What are SOAP Web Services?

SOAP is a simple object access protocol.SOAP is based on XML protocol for accessing web services.

  • It is a W3C  for connected two applications.
  • It is easily communicated between two programming language applications.
  • It is its own security known as a ws security.
  • It is using XML programming to be praised and read.

Step.1– First Download then file paste inside the xmpp->htdoc->project folder.
                   Download File Here –
Step.2– Create a file soap_page.php.

Step.3-After creating a file then create a client_page.php file inside the file paste the all code.

Step.4– After creating all code go to the browser then type http://localhost/ will respond to “Name” and “Date of Birth”.


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