Robomart, a startup, provides the convenience store right to your house.

118 Robomart, a startup, provides the convenience store right to your house.

Robomart, a startup, provides the convenience store right to your house.

Robomart, a startup, is putting a unique spin on delivery: instead of selecting your things on an app, you “hail” the entire shop to your front door. Then you simply select the products you desire and the van departs.

“Because we don’t have to go pick up orders, it will always be twice as fast as the fastest delivery service,” claimed Robomart CEO and co-founder Ali Ahmed.

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The service is dubbed “store hailing” because it is similar to ordering an Uber but for a complete store. You utilize an app to request that a van be sent to your area.

“The concept is that you should be able to push a button and have any retailer come to you and obtain your things right at home,” Ahmed explained.

There is already a snack van and a pharmacy van, but Ahmed believes that the ultimate van in the future will be loaded with necessities such as bread, milk, eggs, and produce. That’s a long way off.

Currently, Robomart’s van drivers are humans, but the business anticipates a fleet of fully autonomous cars roving cities to deliver items in minutes in the future.

“It can take up to 20-30 minutes merely to determine what to buy and place the order. “With Robomart, you tap one button, exactly like a ride-hailing service, and then shop when it arrives,” Ahmed explained.

Every item is equipped with an RFID tag, which informs Robomart’s automatic checkout system about what you take from the van. It’s all self-service: the van arrives, the door opens, you get your belongings, and the van drives away.

After the van drives away, the system totals your purchases and sends you a digital receipt.

That’s because it’s all reminiscent of a high-tech ice cream truck. According to Ahmed, his co-founder, that was the inspiration for his original idea 15 years ago. It merely took some time for technology to catch up and apply it.

“He had the notion to reproduce the ice cream truck for everything else in retail and make it available on-demand,” Ahmed said.

Robomart is currently starting out modest, serving the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles in the nights. They want to eventually spread the service to more cities.

The program is currently invite-only, however, Robomart reports that invite codes are being sent out on a daily basis. Here are some codes that will grant you quick access, but they are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If one of these doesn’t work, it’s already been tried.


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